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    Kvadratco Services Limited - a member of the Business Centre Club in Poland

    We are the only company for the digital currencies which is a member of this prestigious organization.
    The organization confirms the positive result of the assessment of our business and team in terms of credibility and responsibility of the business.

    Also appreciated our vision of business development for innovation.

    Trade professionally. is the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange in Europe. We offer all the tools that you need to earn from bitcoin trading every day.
    Everything you need on one marketplace:
    Advanced Stop Loss / Take Profit orders
    Margin trading   Maker/Taker commission model
    Fast electronic deposits and withdrawals
    Comfortable and streamlined interface

    Mobile app

    Both for customers using Android and iPhone / iPad.
    Trade, leverage, swaps, deposits, withdrawals

    The application uses the API keys for proper operation

    Trade comfortably.

    Top-up your account with electronic transfers, withdraw funds with instant withdrawals. Do not wait for SEPA tansfer settlements.
    We enable to make deposits via electronic wire transfers from these countries:
    Poland   Germany   Austria   Estonia   Finland
    France   Greece   Spain   Lithuania   Latvia
    Slovakia   Slovenia   Italy

    Trade without fees.

    Thanks to our Market Maket / Market Taker commission structure, you can lower your commissions for bitcoin trading to zero.
    Earn by providing liquidity:
    As a Market Maker you can lower your trading commissions to zero. Earn by placing orders with a spread.
    As a passive investor you earn interest on swap contracts by lending bitcoins to margin traders.

    Инвестиции в маржинальный трейдинг: BMSHORT и BMLONG

    Инвестиции в маржинальный трейдинг по паре EUR/BTC на 300 дней.
    Предлагается два инструмента - для коротких (BMSHORT) и для длинных позиций (BMLONG). Вкладываете в BMSHORT, если считаете что биткоин пойдет вниз или вкладываете BMLONG, если считаете что биткоин будет продолжать расти.
    Инструменты находятся под управлением оператора биржи, собранные на эмиссии средства размещаются в позиции с плечом 1:2.50. Это означает, что потенциальная прибыль (или потеря) от закрытой позиции увеличивается в 2.5 раза.
    Каждый день закрывается 1/300 часть позиций, и тогда, в зависимости от хода рынка:
    если получена прибыль, то 100% капитала и 90% прибыли за этот день уходит инвесторам (10% - управляющим проекта)
    если получен убыток, то одно из двух:
    а) если потери составили не более 100%, то к выплате идет сумма результата
    б) если потери превысили 100%, то, как правило, закрываются все позиции из-за недостатка суммы покрытия (margin-call), но в нашем случае в дело вступает специальное предложение, которое обеспечивает безопасность инструмента (об этом ниже).

Welcome to the marketplace

Whether you are and advanced trader or a begginer, our platform offers you the best conditions to trade cryptocurrencies. Open an account and start trading bitcoins in minutes!

How to start?

Three simple steps are enough to start trading on our marketplace:

1. Create an account by filling a simple form.
Click to open account

2. Top-up your account with PLN or bitcoins.
Deposit PLN | Deposit BTC

3. Make an offer on the market, stating how much bitcoins you want to buy or sell.
Click to make an offer

And you are good to go - you just started trading bitcoins!

Who are we?

The marketplace has been created by creators of, the largest domain marketplace in Central Europe. We have been active in intangible goods brokerage since 8 years.

Is safe?

Our marketplace meets all the required safety standards that are required from cryptocurrency traders. Our servers are secured by state-of-the-art technologies, and our customers' funds are secure in a cold wallet.
You can also secure the access to your account with two-factor authentication (2FA).

How much does it cost to trade?

Opening an account is free of charge. You pay only a small commission on executed trades, according to our price list.