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BitMarket’s statement regarding SegWit activation in Bitcoin network. What will change in our service during those days ?

Due to the SegWit activation which is scheduled for 1st of August 2017 there is a possibility that the Bitcoin network will split into two different blockchains. Because of that we would like to assure you that all your deposits are safe.

Even though the chances for splitting the network are low we guarantee that all our users will have access to the newly created tokens coming from forked network (according to the balance before SegWit activation). Balance will also include funds allocated in SWAP contracts and all the sell offers as well. Security deposits coming from Margin Trading will not count to the balance of your newly created tokens.

After the calculations your new balance will be visible in exchange however you will not be able to withdraw your tokens until our team finishes all technical work. If the fork happens we plan to open a new market for trading forked coin however we are unable to provide exact date of this feature. Please bear in mind that Bitcoin and it’s potential forks are still in beta phase - they are highly exposed to different vulnerabilities and the newly created network might be unstable. We reserve the right to decide whether to support or not given fork of the Bitcoin. Our decision will depend on the stability of the fork’s network and what issues it may cause in the future. We remind you that Bitcoin foundation since the beginning of the project mentions the risk which is connected with using Bitcoin network - this technology is still under development and in a beta phase:

Because of present changes in Bitcoin network we are also taking some precautionary measures regarding exchange functionality. Currently all BTC deposits are booked after 6 confirmations. From 31.07.2017 (CET) for at least 48 hours you will not be able to deposit/withdraw BTC. These changes will not affect any of PLN/EUR/LTC functionality - you will be also able to trade bitcoins as usual.

Exact time of restoring Bitcoin deposits/withdrawals will be provided afterwards in the next announcement on our site.


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