BTC/PLN: 34159.0000 PLN BCC/PLN: 1683.9900 PLN BTG/PLN: 102.6900 PLN XRP/PLN: 1.6198 PLN BTC/EUR: 7801.0000 EUR LTC/PLN: 505.1000 PLN ETH/PLN: 998.9000 PLN

LiteMineX is a really simple contract. Each unit of LiteMineX is equal to one unit of Bitcoin (1 BTC) and generates 0,0002 BTC of daily interests (which gives us 7,3% of profit annually). People who invested in LiteMineX are in possession of theirs Bitcoins (nominated in LiteMineX) and receive the regular interests as well. The contracts will never expire and you may write them off for additional charge.
For more information please visit:
First subscription on the primary market is to be valued at only 500 dBTC. We will inform about next subscriptions in the future.


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